Cut Business Expenses From Saving On Energy

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Energy Expense Cuts Go Right To The Bottom Line

By Larry Andron


About half the states in the country have deregulated energy over the past 15 years or so and that has brought a big opportunity for businesses to save money. The strange thing is that less than 20% of businesses have taken advantage of the ability to save on their energy costs. The ability to cut business expenses by saving on energy is very real.

Why haven’t more businesses taken advantage of this?

The most often cited reason is that many businesses just don’t realize the savings that are available. Another issue that we hear is that they or someone that they know may have gotten a raw deal when trying to save money on their residential bills. This is very valid as there are no shortage of rip-offs out there. The third most common reason for just keeping things the way they are, is because of the perceived time and effort that may be necessary to go through the process of switching.

The bottom line is the commonality here and that is lack of knowledge. Businesses focus on their business. They know little if anything about the energy marketplace and don’t have the time or the desire to learn.

Most businesses don’t even realize that if they switch a gas or electric provider, virtually nothing changes. Their present utility company will continue to deliver through their pipes and wires and provide service exactly like they presently do. Usually, you continue to receive a single bill. In most cases there will be just one line item on the bill that will indicate the new energy producer that is supplying the product instead of the existing utility reselling them gas and electricity at higher prices. So how should a business go about finding lower rates for their electricity and gas?

The gray states have deregulated electricity and/or gas

Energy Deregulation States

Is there an easy way to switch that won’t take up much time?

An energy broker can greatly benefit almost any business in a deregulated state. But how do you find a good energy broker that will actually look out for your best interests? It’s not easy as there are many energy brokers out there and most should not even use that title.

Many energy brokers are actually employees of a specific utility company and their mission is to get you to switch to their company. Usually, this isn’t the best route for your company to take because there is usually a better deal to be had and the allegiance of the broker is to their company. Other independent brokers have very few relationships in the energy supplier industry and will be limited in the suppliers that they can evaluate for you. On top of that , they usually have very little if any negotiating power so you probably won’t get the best rates available.

One company stands out in the crowd as they enjoy good working relationships and contracts with 121 gas and 64 electricity utilities over 40 energy producers at last count. This company is a master energy broker with hundreds of independent energy consultants and is capable of negotiating the best possible rates for any business or non-profit in the deregulated states. They are paid by the new energy supplier; not the business and only make money when a business switches their gas or electric provider. They have a renewal rate of over 99% as their clients tend to be pleased with their performance.

If your business is located in a deregulated state, you can have a free rate analysis done which more than likely will save you a good chunk of your energy expenditures. There is no obligation to switch so there is nothing to lose.

Call Avion Energy today and stop wasting money.


2 Responses to Cut Business Expenses From Saving On Energy

  1. John Bruner says:

    Your customer’s page has no customers. Right or wrong, it makes your company look as tho something is being hidden. That said, starting out as it may, do you have customers in IL?

  2. Larry says:

    Hi John,

    I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. I don’t monitor this website and I’ll typically be contacted by phone or email for any inquires. What “customer page” are you referring to? To answer your question; I personally do not have any clients in IL. However, Avion has hundreds of clients in the state as well as some of their most successful consultants. Should you wish to contact me again, please email me at

    Thank you,

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