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My professional sales career for large IT related campanies gave me 30+ years of experience in dealing with people on all conceivable levels; from a utility worker in a manhole to a boardroom full of C level executives and VP’s of large corporations. As my integrity is my strongest asset, it was often taxed by having to sell products and technologies which my heart wasn’t into. I am now estatic to be evangelizing a service that I have complete belief and faith in.


In searching for a new career, there was a wish list that may have been a dream. I’m basically a people person and enjoyed promoting products and services which I believed in. More than anything, the desire to find something which had true value and long-term benefits for my clients and me, was mandatory. My initial choice involved selling the concept of  home automation which unfortunately taught me how little interest there is in it. The lack of interest in my first website Great New Stuff, was a hard lesson to learn.


I discovered the energy broker field but it was loaded with MLM companies and the prospect of making any sizeable income does not exist in the residential arena. I was also aware of many horror stories where people were scammed and wind up paying more by switching energy providers. However, in the research process I discovered that things were somewhat different in the commercial sector.


Further searching brought me to a company that addressed everything on my wishlist. I actually had two sheets of questions while speaking with the Vice President prior to becoming a commercial energy consultant . The rest as they say is history.


Avion Energy
Finding the best possible electric and gas rates for commercial and non-profit entities in the deregulated energy states is what Avion does. I became associated with this great company because they have working relationships with all the major energy suppliers in the deregulated states. Avion is national in scope and does not limit where I can offer this service. Learning the business was easy as both training and hand-holding is provided. I couldn’t imagine a better structured company and support system and Avion does all the heavy lifting.


This is a free service and Avion does negotiations on the part of the client and I ultimately get a “finders fee” paid by the new energy provider. This fee is paid each month on an ongoing basis. There is absolutely no cost or obligation on the part of the client for us to see how much money we can save them.We are also always looking for more people and Avion has no entry fee and provides free training. http://www.avionenergy.com/d.cgi/conserve/home2.html


I have yet to run across a situation where Avion hasn’t been able to save money for my clients. This is a win-win and I believe that I finally found the ideal career for me.You can read my entire profile at Google+ or LinkedIn

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