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The role of an energy consultant varies with the broker that he or she is associated/affiliated with or employed by. After conducting much research into this industry, I decided to become a commercial energy consultant but finding the best broker to work with took some research.

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Energy consultants make money while giving business a free service

The residential energy market is overwhelmed with energy brokers. There are so many companies playing the broker role and very few can handle commercial clients. The largest residential brokers in the business can typically handle small commercial clients but it’s certainly not their area of expertise. I wanted to find the best broker for the chore at hand.

In analysing all the commercial energy brokers I found many companies with an automated WEB based system and soon found that clients didn’t typically get exposed to all the energy providers in a given state and certainly didn’t get the personal service and expertise that I was hoping to offer. Now, a couple of years later, it’s not surprising that most of the other broker organizations that I looked into are no longer even in business.

Most commercial brokers have limited relationships with energy suppliers and are usually only licensed to conduct business in a rather small geography. I also wanted to find a company without these limitations.

My search eventually led to Avion Energy which seemed to be an answer to prayer. Avion Energy has relationships with 64 electricity providers and 128 gas providers and does business in every deregulated state.  In order to join, I had to participate in extensive training and have my hand held for my first few clients. I discovered many other benefits of being associated with this company including:

  • A dedicated support person for me who gives me excellent service
  • Weekly informative conference calls updating me on industry and pricing trends
  • Management of high caliber, high integrity and a wealth of experience in energy
  • A renewal rate of over 99% which indicates clients being happy
  • Consistent ability of negotiating rates that save my clients money
  • Focus is only on businesses and non-profit organizations
  • Avion views this from the perspective of the client and has a multi-tier support structure.
  • I am typically provided quotes from three different energy providers and a variety of fixed and variable rates.

Warren Buffet (one of the richest men in the world with expertise in the energy field) stated that energy deregulation will create the greatest transfer of wealth in our history.

There is a huge opportunity for businesses to save on energy expenses and just add it to the bottom line. Considering that this service is provided free of charge and with absolutely no obligation, you have to be crazy to not at least check it out.

The process begins with an authorized representative of your company signing an LOA. This letter of authorization allows my broker to obtain your company’s usage history for the past year. Your latest three electric and/or gas bills is all that’s needed in addition to the LOA.

Usually in about a week or less I will present you with the best possible rates available in your geography. I will also go through the contract with the provider that you may choose and explain anything necessary. A simplified version of the process is available by clicking here. Give me a call today or visit Avion Energy to learn more.


About Larry

After three decades in corporate America, I decided that I wanted to work for myself. Exploring many alternatives led to the opportunity presented from energy deregulation. Being my own boss has many advantages which I enjoy. Building a residual income stream in addition to present income from giving away a free service to businesses that saves them money; I can only say that I wish I discovered this sooner.
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